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  • The principals of Nathanson+Hauck combine three decades of experience developing health policy and strategy on both sides of the political aisle, having served in Congress, the Executive Branch, and in the private sector. We help our clients to navigate complex federal health policies across the entire scope of Washington — from understanding and influencing new legislation to shepherding our clients through the right political channels to ensuring we're part of the conversation when it comes time to implement.

  • Whether you need to navigate a new health policy issue, or you need a "Washington Office" for an array of health policies that significantly impact your operations, we can be your guide in this complex and ever-changing health care policy environment.

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We are an extension of our clients' organizations in Washington when it comes to healthcare issues, policy implications, and strategic planning.Megan Hauck


  • September 18, 2015

    N+H is #12 on Bloomberg Government’s list of top lobbying firms Q2 2015

    On September 15, BGOV published its list of top-performers for Q2 of this year, including Nathanson+Hauck at spot #12.  The publication notes: “Of roughly 1,500 registered lobbying firms that filed lobbying disclosure reports with the Senate, only 27 firms met all six of Bloomberg Government’s criteria for top performers. Each firm, in addition to meeting a revenue threshold, had to exhibit revenue growth, accretive growth (positive percentage change in year-over-year average revenue per client), two measures of customer satisfaction, and sizable revenue per registered lobbyist.”  Of additional note, this is only the third BGOV analysis and the very first to include lobbying firms of all sizes.  For a full analysis, visit Bloomberg Government or for more information about our firm, reach out to us on our Contact page.

  • April 30, 2014

    N+H Featured in the Hill’s profile of power women

    As quoted in The Hill this week:

    …Still, at a time when there are more female members of Congress than ever and Hillary Clinton is a front-runner for the presidency, the prominence of female lobbyists reflects a broader shift underway in Washington.

    Kathryn Karol, the leader of Caterpillar’s Washington office, said the growing political power of women has changed the networking calculus.

    “A man might have gone hunting [back in the day], but I’m doing a field trip with a mom who’s an elected official,” Karol said.

    “It comes down to the quality of the work, if you love the work that you do,” said Melanie Nathanson, a former Democratic staffer who co-founded the firm Nathanson+Hauck. “When you spend a lot of time trying to do it well, the biggest competition tends to be with yourself.”

    Read the full article here.